Personal Driving Trends

 I've read a number of posts lately about how the number of vehicle miles traveled has been dropping and figured I should take a look at my own data. It's a bit sparse (I've only recorded my odometer reading at service appointments) but I have numbers for the past nine years. 

Odometer readings in blue (left scale), average daily mileage in red (right scale).

Can you tell when I moved from the suburbs to Seattle and was able to switch most of my trips to walking or transit? For the last couple of years I'm averaging about 7 miles/day of driving, roughly 2500 miles a year. I haven't kept records, but the vast majority of that should be trips to Bellingham to visit family, probably followed by airport pickup/drop-off trips.

Driving so little means I've also been slacking on my regular vehicle maintenance. Although I'm generally going in with less new mileage on the odometer the appointments are getting much further apart. Luckily for me my trusty car hasn't needed much in the way of expensive work. I

Time between service appointments has gone up dramatically.

I really should look into a mileage based insurance policy. Metromile, for example, estimates my bill would be roughly cut in half for the same coverage limits.