Year In Review 2015 - Steps & Pounds

Following up on my previous transit post I took a look at my walking for 2015. Much like my transit data this is the first year I have data for the full year (via my FitBit). In total I walked over 2,400 miles in 2015, taking over 5.1 million steps and burning 1.1 million calories. 

My steps were on the increase in the first half of the year, but after I started the new job in July things leveled off a bit. There was a noticeable decline in November and December when work got busy and the weather turned.

The trend is my steps is mirrored in the calories I burned, unsurprisingly. My weight also responded poorly to the decrease in exercise and increase in food and drinks, heading up pretty substantially.

Zooming in to the daily data shows that there's quite a bit of variation from day to day.

Trying to even things out a bit, here's the 7-day moving average.