Solar Performance - May 2016

This May was a great example of one of the drawback of solar power: weather dependency. Thanks to three really bad days mid-month (worse than day in December in January!) followed by a couple weeks of lower than average sun my system missed its production estimates by 60 kWh (12.7%).

This shortfall was enough to nearly wipe out the surplus from the unexpectedly good production I've had so far this year. As of the end of May I'm at 100.74% of the production estimate for the year.

As you might expect, production was noticeably worse than last year. It was only slightly better than April despite the longer days and the usual promise of better weather.

Compounding the problems with the weather were some equipment problems. Panel A6, which has had a history of spotty production, took a three day hiatus in the middle of the month. Luckily for my numbers this happened to be at the same time as the bad weather, so the impact wasn't as bad as it otherwise might have been.

I've been in touch with customer support at Tigo Energy, and they've pushed an update to my system that should fix the problem. So far so good, but it's definitely something I'll be keeping an eye on.