Water Use is on the Rise

Over the last year I've done a fairly good job containing my electric and gas bills, but the water bill remains frustratingly high. In fact, it's been increasing pretty steadily. 

My average daily use has been increasing every year.

Some of this increase can be attributed to the roommate I had last fall and winter (November 2013  - May 2014 bills) but the trend is up. I also have trouble figuring out where all of this water is going. The toilets are only 1.6 gpf which leaves quite a lot of water to account for every day. In the summer I use a fair amount watering the plants (the poor rain barrel only holds a couple day's worth), but that should be zeroed out in the winter. I really wish I could get a monitor like the eGauge for my water usage or at least a daily meter reading. For now, I'd better work on reducing my shower time.