Another Bill, Another Credit

I got my latest electric bill from Seattle City Light today covering July 16 to September 16. During that period my meter spun backwards by 351 kWh, netting me a bill credit of $7.80. On average I sold about 5.66 kWh a day.

Solar panels have significantly reduced my power usage from Seattle City Light, especially in the summer.

My eGauge agrees with the billing, showing that I sold 346 kWh during the same period. I expect it to differ somewhat since I don't know the exact time that SCL read my meter. I used the eGauge to measure between noon on the start date and noon on the end date. Without any solar panels I would have used 427 kWh at a cost of about $21.60, so in terms of my bill the panels saved me about $29.40. The state incentives, as usual, made up the lion's share of the financial savings, with the 773 kWh generated being worth about $417.42 in incentives compared to $39.11 in sales. The difference between the sales cost and my savings is due to the fixed service charge on the bill, a little shy of $10.

eGauge measurements for the same period.