Solar Performance - November 2015

November got off to a slow start solar-wise, but the latter half of the month turned out to be surprisingly strong thanks to some unseasonably sunny (though cold) weather. As expected my electrical use was up a bit compared to last month while production was down noticeably. Unexpectedly I ended up producing more than November of last year.

The daily numbers clearly show the trend, with some quite poor days early in the month and several very strong days toward the end.

The year as a whole is also on track to finish very well. As of the end of November my system had already produced more power than expected for the entire year, so December's meager production will simply be icing on the cake.

The individual panels are also performing fairly consistently. This month saw better production from the East-facing panels (a typical pattern I've observed) with the notable exception of panel A6.

Digging deeper into the data shows that A6 had three days with practically no production. Not zero, but pretty close to it. I'm not sure what caused this. Maybe an equipment fault? Something to keep an eye on in future months.