Solar Performance - December 2015

December's numbers are in, and while they're better than estimates they're actually a bit worse than December of last year. My use was up a little, compared to both last year and last month.

The cumulative production numbers show the trend pretty clearly, with last December consistently outperforming and this December trending just slightly above estimates. The unusually sunny days at the end of the month are also apparent.

Much like last month panel A6 had a few more bad days with practically no power being generated. It's an ongoing mystery.

I'll have a more extensive post soon to cover the full year of data, but the numbers have turned out really well. The panels produced about 4.5% more power than expected, which was about 63% more power than I used (3372 kWh versus 2071 kWh). For comparison, last year came in at 99% of the estimate and a surplus of 35%.