Solar Performance - April 2015

April turned out to be a very good month for my solar panels, handily beating the estimate for the month as well as last year's performance. I finished the month with a surplus of about 250 kWh sent to the grid, having generated just short of 400 kWh.

Production fluctuated throughout the month, as one might expect given typical Spring weather patterns in Seattle. My laundry days stand out pretty clearly in my usage data.

Performance for the year is still looking very good. My production exceeded my use for the year on April 4th, about a month ahead of last year (though that's largely due to my lower use rather than higher production).

System efficiency averaged just under 14% for the month, while I generated 264% of the power I used for the month. I had a surplus of power every day except the two laundry days.

Production was very consistent between all of the panels, within 2% (~0.6 kWh) for the month. The only notable difference was the typical distinction between the east- and west-facing panels on days with inconsistent weather.