Solar Performance - July 2015

July was a fairly typical summer month, with production coming in just a bit (half a percent) shy of the estimate for the month. As expected production was a bit lower than last month although it was better than last year. That's likely because last summer one of the microinverters failed partway through the month, leaving two panels out of commission for 10 days.

Performance for the year continues to look good, with production about 7% above estimates and a healthy surplus sold to City Light. In fact, over half of the power my panels have generated this year has been sent to the grid for other customers to use!

Individual panel performance was similar to last month with relatively consistent production between all of the panels. However, panels 3 and 4 continue to have occasional bad days of slightly lower production than their other West-facing counterparts. It's not a big concern yet, but something that I may want to bring up with the installer at the annual inspection in November.

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