Solar Performance - August 2015

My solar numbers for August turned out pretty well, though it's clear that summer is starting to wane. Compared to last August use was down and production was up, though only slightly. More noticeable was the drop in production compared to last month as the days are getting shorter and the weather cloudier.

While production for the month was ahead of estimates there were a couple of days where my panels produced less than I used, the first time that's happened since April. Those were particularly gloomy days, but they'll probably be increasingly common as Fall and Winter approach.

As expected the annual numbers continue to look good: slightly (6.3%) above estimates with a large (1457 kWh) surplus of generated power. I've only used 1367 kWh of power so far this year, meaning that my panels have generated enough power to run an entire second household like mine.

The problems I'd been seeing with panels 3 and 4 were less apparent this month. Production was relatively consistent between all of the panels, though 7 and 8 did noticeably better than the rest.